A single platform with everything your business needs

Automation of processes in an
Easy and Dynamic way.

Automate all the processes of your company in an easy dinamic way with
Interfy's BPMN 2.0 designer, no creation of decodes or contraction of
expensive and time consuming consultancies.Processes of approvals,
authorizations, document traffic, releases and information sharing.

All integrated with the ERP to take advantage of data from proposals,
notes released, among other information that are already stored in other
applications. We provide free training at the online university, so that the
company's own employees can create their processes.

* For plans contracted from 50 platform users.

Interfy Platform Differentials

Flexible technology that
shaped the reality of
the company.

Independence to create
how many processes
are required.

Structure of documents
configurable to meet
all sectors of the company,
even areas that do not
have workflows

Management of received XMLs
which are integrated into
payment process.

Ability to share
documents with third parties
users of the platform, without
additional charge.

Control of time limits
Maturity of tasks
through SLA.

Integration with BI
(Business Intelligence)

API Rest for

Zero of cost with
consulting for

Your fastest team
and integrated

more efficient

More control on requestsand delivery times

Share easily


Reduce costs by up to 70% with physical spaces, copies, printsand redundant documents

Simple Management

Easy and without

Start using

No investment
in infrastructure

Access 100%


Zero of cost with
annual support


With the same login you can perform the
most important activities of your business:

Automate processes

Centralize information


Manage Documents

Signing documents digitally

To control


To attend

To control

Doing Financial Management

To control

Customer relationship

White Label

White Label

The platform was created within the White Label concept: it provides
feature for customizing the brand with its visual identity.

For each client, an exclusive workspace is
customizable, ensuring privacy and security of your information.

Everything is centralized and under the exclusive control
of the administrator
A plataforma foi criada dentro do conceito White Label: que fornece recurso para a  personalização da marca com sua identidade visual.

Para cada cliente é disponibilizada uma workspace exclusiva, de forma personalizável, garantindo privacidade e segurança de sua informação.

Tudo está centralizado e sob controle exclusivo do administrador


Integrate Interfy with your favorite tools.

Set up and work connected with thousands of applications through Zapier or the Interfy API


Interfy Platform revolutionizes Content Management and Process Automation at Tempo Veículos Group. "We seek technology as a way to fill the void left in operations. We realized that to keep the operation, now with fewer people, we needed to improve our processes, make them more automated, and increase control and visibility.

Maria Jose Tognazzolo
Financial Manager Grupo Tempo Veículos.

"Our biggest challenge was finding the right technology partner. We tested some options available in the GED market, and chose Interfy - DocSystem because its ECM and BPM platform is robust, fully parameterizable and easy to administer. She perfectly met our expectations.

Ricardo Dorta
IT Manager at Caltabiano

"As with any dealer network, the volume of bills to authorize payments is large and controlling deliveries, deadlines, and approvals of cost centers was very difficult in the traditional method.

Anderson Ribeiro Caresma,
Controller of the Green Automobiles Group

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