A Interfy Corporation

Interfy was created to provide a software platform
capable of accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises,
allowing the best management of information in a
accessible and customizable.

The platform is the work of a team that has been, throughout 17 years in the business, developing software centered towards corporate management of processes and content. These solutions have been key players for the success of many customers that trusted in the expertise and capabilities of the team and continue to trust towards their whole digital transformation.

Along that time, the team found a high level of dissatisfaction among users and companies that had to work with multiple systems for completing their tasks. Even though many systems today are cloud-based, information still is segregated in a highly decentralized environment. In such an environment, it’s complicated to manage and analyze all available data in a efficient and secure manner.

The user, in such scenarios, is forced to learn how to use a plethora of systems, besides managing many different credentials.

Another key factor that has driven our innovation is how much time and money companies spend on consulting, customization and deployment services. A lot of effort is spent towards adapting a company’s needs to a certain software. We have the mission of providing our customers the freedom of adapting our software to their own needs, using modern tooling in an intuitive and flexible environment.



“Be recognized for providing value to our customers around the world, bringing an online, accessible, mobile and easy-to-use corporate-level management software platform."


“Provide an online software platform for Content and Processes Management in an accessible and easy-to-deploy fashion, accessible to companies of all sizes and segments.”


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Why we are different?

Each customer’s environment is made available inside an exclusive workspace, in a customizable manner. That provides privacy and security for your information. All data is centralized and totally under the control of the company’s own administrator.We provide the management tools your company needs inside a single platform, under a single authentication.

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