Corporate Management Platform
In the Interfy platform we have products such as ProcessDoc, Neofy and CloudDoc to meet all kinds of business in a corporate cloud, capable of supporting multiple, unlimited connections and thousands of simultaneous processes.
The constant concern with the environment and sustainability are part of the everyday business and its commitment to generate sustainable technology, while minimizing the use of natural resources.
The user experience is maximized when using the Interfy products.

Practical and safe, the user can access all the available tools of the platform in a single environment with a single login, and works in a productivity-driven environment, with efficient management and control.

The platform stores each customer's information in its own unique Workspace and shares it with their users in a secure and intelligent way, that allows fast access, ease to retrieve operational, managerial, analytical information, for improved decision making.

It is possible to reduce costs and optimize deployment, integration, customization and support efforts through our platform. These resources, that usually would be spent to integrate different solutions, are supplanted by our own single solution.

Our products adapt to the size of our business and the way of work of each company. No infrastructure is required and we offer great scalability.


Our products were built upon the AWS platform, also known as Amazon Web Services.

This solution is widely used by public and private organizations around the world, due to its reliability, availability, and security.


The Platform's architecture, along with the AWS service, provide many security related features. Among them, we feature:

Private Storage

When an organization chooses the use the Interfy Products, a dedicated space of data storage is automatically created. If its document storage needs exponentially grows, increasing costs, the company can always directly buy its storage from Amazon, and connect it with Interfy with no hassles.


Easy integration to the existing management systems. Interfy's products use open, secure and consistent standards, as REST, JSON, ODBC and HTTP/HTTPS. That makes it easy to integrate and share data with other software.

Using JSON, metadata information can be easily exchanged with third-party applications.