Generate customizable reports and graphics,
without complication.

Business Intelligence

Which benefits can BI bring
to my business?

I (Business Intelligence) is the solution to extract information from one or several systems of a company and use it to generate operational, analytical, managerial and decision support reports in a graphical and analytical - Dashboard - that can be accessed via web on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The flexibility and integration abilities enable fast and agile deployment of reports.

All data from the Interfy platform is available inside our BI, and the user himself can create graphs and reports, using over 60 data objects available in the application, displayed on various levels (drill-down) for each manager that may need to track goals and productivity, analyze business evolution, and make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

Turn data into valuable information with BI.

More than 60 objects ready to create the best analysis of your business and make assertive and fast decisions.

View statistics of your business with little effort using the Interfy cloud, sign up for an account and get started right away.

Create portals and add view-only users

When you subscribe to our BI, you can already start building your portals.If you use any Interfy application, its data can be synchronized into your account and update your dashboard’s widgets automatically.Define access profiles for each view-only user.

Key Features

Import data from existent

Retrieve and analyze all data available in the Interfy platform

Generate reports in one or more
control panels

Analyze and display stats from third-party systems

Navigate through reports and graphs through different scopes and levels (drill down)

3 different levels of access: query only, dashboard builder and database manager

3 different levels of access: query only, dashboard builder and database manager

More than 60 different kinds of graphs and reports ready to use

Outros Recursos


Choose graphics that have data you want to see, and assemble your panels by adjusting the features for a better view of your data.


Create reports that can be linked at multiple levels to present specific details for better analysis.

Comparative Analytics

Compare results through analytical reports.

Map Integration

Analyze information plotted in a Map using Google Maps.

Permite processar dados de outros sistemas legado

Process data from any other external database. Import manually, through a schedule, or integrate directly with your application using API features.

TV mode

Display your dashboards and analytical panels using our TV mode, which displays a fast and simple interface that makes information available at a glance.

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