Customer Relationship Management

Which benefits can CRM bring to my business?

CRM is a solution dedicated to the complete management of the relationship with the customer,

including all pre-sales activities, sales and after sales.

This solution contributes to your company gain and maintain a good relationship with customers storing information about your activities, business and customer interactions, this way you will be able to surprise them with new opportunities.

Allows the sales team can register prospects, customers, contacts, opportunities, proposals, quotes, history of contacts with customers and, from there, to be made controls and identification of new business.The activities of the sales team are available through reports and graphs in smart panels that convey the managers the information relevant to the business.

Keep track of your sales with dashboards that record the whole evolution of the business in a simple and objective way, without losing any information.

Controle a execução de todos os passos pelas equipes de vendas, e certifique-se de que não haverá negócio perdido por falha no atendimento.

Entenda todos os negócios rapidamente e tome as ações mais eficientes para conquistar mais clientes.

Relacionamento com o Cliente

Improve your relationships with customers and increase the perceived value of your company, bringing considerable financial results in your customer management.

Key Features

Sales Teams

Work with many different sales teams, defining leaders and managers for streamlined management.


Manage internal and external salesmen, and link them to specific Sales Teams.

Monthly Sales Goals

Define and control goals for each member of the Sales Team. Easily monitor each person’s performance.

Delegate Leads to Teams and Salesmen

Register Leads from your website and/or other places, and distribute information to your teams and salesmen.

Custom Workflow for Leads and Opportunities

Customize your workflow, set requirements to be met at each stage, and ensure standardization and proper audit of important sales data and activities that are critical to every moment of the business.

At-a-glance insights with Dashboards for Leads and Opportunities

The various dashboards available to leaders and managers clearly inform the performance of sales teams and enable faster and smarter decision making.

Kanban board

A simple and intuitive work area for each salesman to easily manage their Leads and Opportunities. Through it, they can interact in forms, move items forward, comment and register activities for each item.

Lead Classification

Classify Leads, generate Opportunities or archive them for future reference.

Opportunity Monitoring

Understand the timing of each opportunity, check the history of service and define strategies for each opportunity in progress.

API for Lead Capture

Automatically capture Leads from your website or from other sites using our APIs.

Importing Leads from Excel / CSV

Import your leads quickly using an Excel / CSV file. Download the standard layout and then load it back into the system.

Create tasks, comments and log appointments for leads and opportunities

Integrated agenda to manage activities related to the businesses in progress, to customers or suppliers. Create activities directly from the Lead and Opportunity interaction window or manage from the schedule.

Task Dashboard

Overview of all scheduled activities for your team members. Look up activities by salesman and keep track of the executions.

Filter Opportunities and Leads by team, seller and stage

Look up team or salesman opportunities, analyze the history, interact by adding comments or activities.

Sending emails from Lead and Opportunities changes

Be alerted when an opportunity or lead enters a certain phase, or when they are lost.

Reassign lead and opportunities

Reassign an item to any user at any time.

Main Features






Sales Team

Appointment book




of  leads


Contacts by account

Campaign Management

Schedule Control

Case management

Calendar for opportunities

Opportunities report

Dashboard by salesperson

Leads Reports

Leads Classification

Routing of Leads

Customizable user profiles

Management ofSellers

Productivity reports by  salesman

Contact Management bymultiple accounts

Integration via API and Web Services

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