Enterprise Content Management

Which benefits can ECM bring to my business?

ECM is the most complete and innovative solution for managing content, including electronic, paper and e-mail documents.

With ECM, it is possible to centralize all your information within a single repository, allowing greater accuracy of information, speed of access and ease for users to obtain operational, managerial, analytical and decision support information.

Reduce by 70% the costs with physical space, copy, print, redundant documents, storage space on the network, search and retrieval,
and integrate people and systems through process automation.

Key Features

Document Download

Download documents with multiple files at once.

Flexible Folder Structure

Create folders and set access permissions for them, simple as that.

100% Web Local and Decentralized Capture

Scanning documents via scanner, webcam or all-in-one compatible with the TWAIN driver. The user can create documents scanning directly throught the browser.

Content Access Profiles

The system administrator has all permissions on all content, but ordinary users may have restricted access profiles to the content they need to access and their needs.

Index Forms (Electronic Forms)

Create index forms that best suit your need. Simple and fast. The forms are not linked to a folder, they can be used to archive content throughout the created structure. This means more flexibility and allows you to find content from anywhere in a single search.

Process Integration

Content in ECM supports manual activities and automated processes. Not only is it a repository, but it intelligently serves all areas and workflows designed.

Advanced Search

Find stored documents using combinations of indexing filters or find it right in the folder.

Advanced Audit Trail

Quickly find out everything that happened to a record or stored document.

Manage Storage and User Usage

Learn what is being consumed and better control your contracted resources.

Drag and Drop files

A simple and objective way to archive documents that are already on your workstation. Drag and drop, search from a folder on the network or from a URL.

Document Creation with any file

Images file formats are important, but there are many other file formats that are handled daily in companies. The concept of ECM content management is different, it allows you to create document records and upload or capture/scan files of any format, so you have everything manageable and safe, ready to be used.

Physical Records Management

If you still maintain paper because of some legal requirement, with this module you can control
your physical file structure and link it to digital content for quick and accurate retrieval.

Control of bookcases, stands, boxes and folders (volumes)

Document classification plan

Documentary temporality table

General reports (per phase, eliminated, by rating)

Issuing Out Tab

Issue Transfer Guide and Gathering

Issuance of documents and labels with barcode

Minutes emission Scouring / Disposal

Document Request Control and Returns

Start processes from
stored documents

Start processes manually or automatically from stored
documents.Link documents to ongoing processes

Self-contained viewer for standard file formats

View files directly on the ECM interface. XMLs, PDFs, image formats, TXT, Videos and Audios, can be viewed using ECM’s viewer. Other formats can be managed through the system as well, but now viewed.

Digital signature Workflow

Integrated with digital signature services to facilitate operations and eliminate paper.

Document the document
or batch

Quick validation
of signatures

Through a process flow with
step of signatures

Option to hire services by subscription or by operation

Web or mobile device – mobile and tablet

Option to select the type of signature (with or without certificate)

Viewing the status
of signatures

Gestão NF-e - validação e guarda

Module that monitors the Federal Revenue site and imports invoice XMLs allowing secure filing of information in compliance with legal requirements.

Funciona integrado aos processos e aciona fluxo de pagamento a partir da entrada do XML.

Cria versão em PDF para melhor visualização pelo usuário.

Monitors the
portalfrom SEFAZ

Low information of issued notesagainst
registered CNPJs

Easy access panel
it's intuitive

Stores XML and
allowsview DANFE

Allows the manifest
of NF-e

The time of custody of the documents is defined within the ECM, including: Retention period, final destination, management of the discard with automated process of decision on the final destination of the documents.


Functionality within the ECM - allows you to save all XML, DANFE, CT-e, payment receipts, NF-e related requests, and to query these documents when necessary.

100% Web Application

No matter where you are, cease ECM and platform products and work safely and in a complete environment for the most efficient management used by any browser.


Execute as principais atividades a partir do Apps Android e iOS.

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