Quality Management System

Which benefits can QMS bring
to my business?

It is Interfy's tool that encompasses the features to make quality control more effective.Create, share and publish standards, procedures, manuals, policies and processes quickly and securely.

Save time and money by automating quality management processes and forget paper lists, random digital files and Excel spreadsheets.

Organize quality regulatory requirements and make it easy for your employees, partners and auditors.

Ensure compliance and compliance with ISO 9001: 2015, FDA, among other standards…Continuously improve your organization's processes using a friendly, intuitive, 100% web, responsive and mobile system.

Agility, control and monitoring together!

More agility to attend audits

Control for records and solutions of nonconformities

Indicator Monitoring

Friendly Portal for Document Publishing

Safety and ease of identifying regulatory requirements

More transparency in the relationship with employees and shareholders

Reduction of costs and optimization of financial resources invested in the area of ​​quality management

QMS Benefits

From a central repository, employees can access secure, reliable and standardized information, which considerably reduces the risks and costs related to the manipulation and use of information to execute the operational processes; it also reduces error margins and time to recover documents; ensures that information is always available when it is needed and for the right people.

The QMS was thought to be intuitive and easy to implement, allowing managers and developers to update information whenever needs and opportunities for improvement are identified.

Optimize information management

Control permissions to view, download,
and print documents

Maintains document

Approval and revision
of documents

Alerts for documents with close or
past due deadlines

Easily write and review documents

Prepare the document and add it to an evaluation flow or request the drafting of documents to other users.

Define those responsible for the drafting
and review according to each sector.

Easily publish new versions
of documents.

Notify users about document updates
and training needs.

Always updated content

All employees can view the documents in a custom portal.
The system always shows the latest version of the document and the
features to download or print are available according to the user profile.
If an expired document is not updated, the system may alert the user that the consulted
document is expired, and display colored symbols that visually identify the document status.

Indicator Management

During the execution of the processes, the records are captured or
can be collected from other systems, generating comparative graphs,
customized reports that can be queried using
filters to optimize and present the results.

Process Reviews

The results presented in the indicators may suggest the need for opening of nonconformities or a critical analysis of the need to review processes.

All records remain stored for future audits and management reports, and those responsible are reminded by the system to include information regarding the unsatisfactory outcome of the indicators when it occurs.
Create consistent and effective action plans for nonconformities

Take the opportunity to identify opportunities for improvement by recording the action plan for correcting nonconformities.

Once the problems are identified, create the schedule, execute, and evaluate the actions to resolve them.

Define tasks, deadlines, and the responsible people, and let the system control execution with real-time monitoring.If the problem is new, determine that the system requires an assessment of the cause.

Audits appropriate to the new ISO9001:2015 standard

Online monitoring and report of nonconformities.

Quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

Define the criteria for auditing, the frequency and methods to be used, then view
the audit schedule for all processes and their respective stakeholders.

Managed Business Risks

Define the risk analysis model you want to apply, or create your own model

Determine what activities, causes and failures should be observed and in which processes.

Interfy is indispensable for the management of companies of any segment.